Make an impact without being the CEO

Linda Gentilcore
A leader in influencing and impact through a passionate Human Resources career. I empower the femininity, spirituality and love of life to live with vitality.

What I’ll cover in this event is:

✓ The 3 simple ways to transform and enhance your career and vitality for life​​​​​​​

✓ Activities that bring out the ‘lioness’ and rise your self-worth​​​​​​​

✓ The steps to get on those exciting projects and be valued at work​​​​​​​

✓ How to embrace with your femininity at work to feel awesome and create the best you​​​​​​​

✓ To understand ways of the male-dominated environment and lead you to your success

✓ The art of creating and enjoying life, with guilt buster actions