The expansive leader

Who Am I?

I’ve been there – me and a room full of men in technical environments where I’m conscious of them passing judgement on my views or intelligence and me feeling out of my depth and inadequate.

In my HR career, I’ve coached leaders on tactics and frameworks and followed textbook theories. I’ve faced managing and influencing challenging people, worked really hard, sometimes in very tough situations and processes and have experienced having to ‘fit in’ and not always aligned with where I was. Being true to myself and leveraging gratitude was my key enablers.

I’ve discovered the power to shine is VERY personal and embraces the strengths of femininity which as a tom boy growing up this has been a journey itself. I’ve spent years mastering my mind, discovering the hidden gem of intuition, embracing a focus on purpose and goals; those together with simple and conscious strategies of empowerment and choice have resulted in me being an expansive leader.

At times I’ve felt I neglected my family with my focus on my career and then with the loss of my dad I had been left wondering ‘what and who’s it all for?’….I now live life with vitality as my purpose, lead with more ease to make my work flow and most of all my family knows they are my number 1.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Transforming Corporate Women (40-46) in male dominated environments to reclaim the feminine attributes in leadership to progress in their career
Module One

Whole of Me


  • Learn about you 
  • Recognise and overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that will lead to your ultimate power and how this directly contributes to your satisfaction
  • Move from a competence to a confidence strategies
  • Discover how to build, implement and sustain resilience as a key method of success and progress
  • Develop understanding with your family on their needs and your contribution 
  • Understand how your career connects to you and your lifestyle
  • Dealing with failure and getting over yourself
  • Increase your levels of consciousness from Shame and guilt to enlightenment 
  • Understand that socialisation will boost your health
Module Two

Feminine Flow – The Traits & Strategies


  • Understand the difference between masculine vs feminine traits and their practical uses in the workplace
  • Get to know what is your natural and authentic traits
  • Recognise opportunities to increase the use of feminine traits to feel more satisfied, less frustrated and more authentic
  • Learn to assess the traits in others and 
  • strategies to respond to masculine traits
  • Increase your leadership value with your current skills and experience and consciously build on these 
Module Three

The Family Passion


  • Leverage feminine leadership traits with your family
  • Adopt understanding and agreements in the ways of working together and what each family member needs from you
  • Implement habits and adjustments to commit to the agreements and how to respond if those agreements are not being fulfilled
  • Learn how to make material changes in the home increase personal vibration and energy in life (5 senses approach)
  • Create habits to increase effectiveness
  • Utilise the science of motivation to bring a lifetime of fitness and happiness
Module Four

The Leader – Onwards & Upwards


  • Understand and appreciate the mindset of others which influence their actions to improve relationships with others
  • Build your confidence & skills in understanding and implementing influencing styles (verbal and non-verbal and the feminine way)
  • Learn to have critical conversations to enable an easy relationship with your leader and greater progress
  • Build trust with your leader to never be overlooked, learn to speak up, self-promote and ask for more with authenticity and humility 
  • Understand humility and embed it systematically with high ego leaders
  • Learn the art of navigating organisational networks and power of understanding politics
Module Five

Strength of My Team


  • Understand fundamental leadership concepts
  • Blend traditional masculine traits and feminine traits to achieve team outcomes
  • Build and foster team through empowerment and feminine leadership that lead to results
  • Achieve growth of others through your wisdom
  • Learn to make material changes to your work environment that contribute to team environment
  • Learn to assess team members and use feminine traits in developing them to do their best and enjoy working in your team
  • Forming teams for social connection and cognitive diversity
  • Utilising the power of recognition
  • How to manage accountability with feminine traits
Module Six

Career and Life Goal Mapping


  • Tap into your desires and be able to express these
  • Learn to trust yourself to allow abundance of life and career fulfilment
  • Develop your road map for life
  • Learn to present and respond to questions in ways that make you feel a sense of achievement every time
  • How to sustain momentum to feel satisfied every day
  • Manage with confidence career & life transitions
Module Seven

Expansive Leader


  • Acquire strategies to build and sustain momentum in your career (taking your career in your own hands)
  • Develop or optimise strategic thinking skills to be viewed as a strategic leader
  • Know what Technological advances you need to make to compliment your future
  • How curiosity can fuel your career, motivation, courage, family and love life.
  • Know how to influence to impact change
  • Personal branding with Confidence
Module Eight



  • Strategies to reclaim vitality at work and home

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